Sierra County, California
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Sierra County, California


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Sierra is a county divided by the Pacific Crest.On the west side of the crest of the Sierra it is mountainous and heavily forested, therefore supporting miners and loggers. On the east side is the 5,000-foot-high Sierra Valley, which is said to have been an ancient lake bed that was once part of the great inland ocean of Lake Lahontan. It is one of the largest alpine valleys in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Both the east and west have a rich history. The county was once home to both the Maidu and Washoe Indians, but today's history is tied to the Gold Rush. The discovery of gold resulted in some 16,000 miners settling the county between 1848 and 1860. Dozens of communities with colorful names such as Brandy City, Poker Flat, Poverty Hill and Whiskey Diggins thrived. Downieville is located on Highway 49 at the fork of the North Yuba and Downie rivers. At one time it was California's 5th largest city and missed becoming the state capitol by one vote.

The area known as the "Lakes Basin," is a collection of some fifty lakes cradled on the southwest by the towering Sierra Buttes. The largest of them, Gold Lake, was named in 1850 when a miner claimed he had found a lake whose shores were studded with gold nuggets. Of course, no such lake existed; but the largest of the lakes acquired the name by default. Today, the area is instead studded with resorts and campgrounds amidst glaciated granite and alpine flora.

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