Modesto and Stanislaus County, California
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Stanislaus County, California


Many of the County Links on the left will keep you specifically in Modesto and Stanislaus County here in California. We add new listings and links on a regular basis so bookmark this page and check back often. To get maps and driving directions click on the "Maps/Driving Directions" link on the left.

Stanislaus County is in the Central Valley of California. The county seat is Modesto. Stanislaus County is within a day's driving distance to San Francisco, Sacramento and the Sierras. Like much of the Valley, it offers activities for every type of person. Cities within the county provide everything from river rafting to quality art and culture events to Agri-tourism tours. Culinary focused visitors will find much to do, see and taste! Family-oriented activities and events occur in every community of Stanislaus County throughout the year.

Modesto, the largest city in the County, was immortalized in the 1973 George Lucas film American Graffiti. The award-winning film captured the spirit of cruising and friendship on 10th and 11th Streets in 1962 and led to the revival of 1950s nostalgia that included the TV show Happy Days and the other spin-offs. Ron Howard, Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss starred in the film. The soundtrack was a huge success. Director George Lucas is a native of Modesto, graduating from Downey High School in 1962.

Modesto is one of the birthplaces of modern rock and roll as the roots of Rockabilly music began in 1938 with the Maddox Brothers and Rose. The slap bass technique created by Fred Maddox became the percussive backbeat to "hillbilly boogie" that would become the foundation of Rock and Roll. The Maddox Brothers music became famous from the early broadcasts by pioneering radio station KTRB throughout the 1940s. Fred Maddox's bass now belongs to the Experience Project Museum in Seattle Washington for the significance in music history.

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